Brian Lafontaine has been performing and working as a professional actor since the late 1900’s. He had aspirations of playing in the NBA, but those dreams were extinguished pretty much from the moment he was born, cuz it turns out he’s not that fast, can’t shoot, kinda short, and well…he never really pursued it. He got rejected from every Ninja school he applied to, and his efforts to start a support group for alcoholic kittens never quite took off. So, naturally, he became an actor.

Since then, Brian has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, commercials, theater productions and voiced thousands…yes, thousands of commercials for TV and radio around the world.

He has had recurring roles on AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies, Powers, and Dawson’s Creek. He has also appeared on Homeland, Nashville, Red Band Society, Satisfaction, Revolution and most recently on the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.


Brian recently completed filming The Hate U Give based on the NY Times #1 bestseller by Angie Thomas.


He just completed an incredibly successful run of Three Days of Rain, the Pulitzer Prize nominated play by Richard Greenberg, in which he played Walker/Ned, as well as being a co-producer.


Here’s what Broadway World had to say:
“From the moment he appears on these hand-drawn quadrangles, Brian Lafontaine delivers a beautifully calibrated performance as Walker.”


“As for Lafontaine’s work on Ned, it may stand as the best he has given us in over 25 years on Charlotte stages, surprisingly effortless and touching at the end. “


Brian’s impressive work on camera and as a voice over artist, along with his broad range and versatility, has allowed him to be cast time and again. Add to his abilities his commitment to professionalism and reliability and it’s easy to understand why clients from across the country consistently request and re-request to work with him.

Here’s what the critics and the industry have to say:

“Brian Lafontaine as Jack…He’s terrific through the whole film.” “Brian such an extraordinary actor. …there’s so much energy and so much anxiety…and that ferocious gaze of his. He brings a really disturbing energy to the film that it needs.” “…for him to deliver this level of acting…that is unbelievable. This is great screen acting…that’s amazing.”

–Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s Wade Major and Mark Keizer;

Hosts of The DigiGods and Web-TV’s Stupid for Movies about In/Significant Others.
Hear their commentary here (part 1part 2) and see the clip they’re speaking of here (Interview scene).

“…and throughout the play, Brian Lafontaine, who plays the ‘third wheel’ on the defense team, Lieutenant Sam Weinberg, is a constant and refreshing source of humanity with his wry one-liners and his expressive eyes.”

–John Crutchfield, Mountain XPress

“Brian Lafontaine wrings laughs with practically every line of dialogue he delivers”

– Backstage, NY

“Brian Lafontaine is also pitch perfect”

– Off-Off Online, NY

“Brian’s a real pro. Not one of them ‘radio-guy’ voices, but one with actual personality.”

– Jym Geraci, Imaging/Production Director, KS95

“I look forward to studio days/shoot days with Brian. You know he’ll bring his A game every time. I’ve watched him on numerous occasions turn a really poor script into a really funny spot you’ll want to put on your reel.”

– Ryan Coleman, Wray Ward Laseter Creative Marketing and Advertising Agency

“The best thing about working with Brian is that he makes everything easy. He’s an absolute pleasure to be around – a genuinely nice guy. He comes to the set prepared and focused, keeps things light but works extremely hard to deliver just the right performance. And what may be the most amazing thing of all – by the end of a long shooting day, the only person on the set without an attitude is Brian.”

– John McDermott, President/Creative Director, The Bounce Agency

“Brian is a true ‘director’s actor.’ He gets it, runs with it, and all I have to do is say ‘action’ and ‘cut.’ And when he’s working, I hate to say ‘cut.’”

– Allen Weiss, Director, Sedna Films

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